110% Profile


We provide coaching to individuals in companies using our online intelligent platform. 

We disrupt how people are developed in the workplace. Our service is a super-powered solution of digital coaching, therapeutic techniques, and data insights, as we believe you can’t effectively change in a professional capacity without analyzing and knowing yourself too. 

We call our coaches ‘personal accelerators’.
We combine their individual support with our technology to help people understand themselves through their data and take charge of their own acceleration.  

110% believes the more you know about yourself, the more in control you feel. So we are committed to helping workforces understand themselves, so they can take control of their own development.  

Companies constantly use data to make more informed decisions, it’s time their people can too. 

We have a workforce that covers Ireland London, and Canada. So not only are we committed to supporting our clients globally, but we are experts in making remote digital communities thrive.


Contact Details:

Phone: +353 (0)89 4275734 

Email: kendal.parmar@110percent.io or jake.ogorman@110percent.io

Website: http://110percent.io/

Address: ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre, WIT West Campus, Carriganore, Co. Waterford