Studying the BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing at WIT gave Mark the skills and knowledge to confidently execute his role in development and operations

Graduate of BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing Mark O’Brien secured his job with Routematch, even before putting pen to paper for his final exams. When describing Routematch, Mark explained it as a start-up company, consisting of around 30 employees located in ArcLabs Research and Innovation Centre, Co Waterford, a facility owned by WIT that rents out space to entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Benefiting from work placement

The work placement module in the course played an important role in his ability to kick-start his career so early.

“I did my work placement in TSSG in WIT for 6 months, so I pretty much got my job off the back of that. I had the job before I even sat my exams, it’s very handy,” Mark cheerfully laughed while exhibiting a look of contentment.

Possessing the requisite skills

Studying BSc in Applied Computing has made Mark feel right at home working in Development and Operations as his studies throughout his course of study at WIT are applicable to the role.

I do a bit of programming, a bit of operations work, a bit cloud computing… a mix of stuff. One of the streams I picked in fourth year, was cloud computing and that’s almost exactly what I’m doing. It’s the same stuff, so that really set me up,” Mark says.

Choosing the course

Mark’s decision to study the BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing was based on his interests and the job prospects associated with it.

“I always had computers, I always messed around with them and stuff,” Mark said. When deciding on what course to choose Mark thought to himself “what will get me a job at the end of it? Combing these two interests ultimately led to his decision.

Mark expressed that since studying Applied Computing his interest in Computing has grown and that in order to keep up with the industry “you kind of have to be interested a little bit outside of work.”

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