We’re building on the enormous success of last year’s summit which had 70 companies on display and 1,500+ people in attend. If you wern’t one of the lucky ones there last year, you might be wondering what it’s all about?! Here’s our list of reasons why you’d should bring your company to Tech Summit 2018…

1. It’s Free

Yes you read right, this event is free, all you have to do is register here. You might be wondering why it’s free? Crystal Valley Tech is an industry led group, our mission is to influence the development of the national and regional investment in infrastructure, education, training and economic support. This event is a showcase of all of the great companies in the South East. We also want to tell you all about the fantastic opportnuities and quality of life the region has to offer.

2. Sales Leads

Last year many companies were pleasantly surprised at the leads and sales they made at the Tech Summit. There may be business to business revenue opportunities for you, as the CEOs and Founders will be under one roof it is easy to talk to the decision makers of the companies.

3. Networking

This is an area Crystal Valley Tech excels at. It is the cornerstone of Tech Summit 2018 and this provides companies with a great chance to know what is going on in the region. It is also your opportinity to make great contacts in your industry or related fields.

4. Hiring

Meet the students who will be your future workforce and tell them about the kinds of jobs your company will have to offer them. It’s also your chance to discuss the hard and soft skills they might need to work with you in the future. . Talk to the professionals who are attending with a view to moving to the region and make sure they know about your company and are aware of any future hiring plans you have.

5. Benchmark

How is your company performing in relation to Benefits, Wellness Programs etc. This is the perfect opportunity to measure yourself with other local companies.

6. Upskilling & Continious Professional Development

Learn about upskilling and continious professional development opportunities including degree, masters or even PhD programmes. We will have booths with information on opportunities in WIT and through Springboard. You can also find out how your employee’s expierence can count towards formal qualification to get them into higher diploma or masters programme.

7. Be Part Of Something Bigger

We look to harness this talent pool and work collectively to attract more people, more companies and to utilize WIT’s resources – from course development, to engaging with resources centre’s to accessing their networks. South East Tech companies are competing at an international level, winning international awards, are part of an expanding Tech Hub and together with Pharma and Financial services industries are transforming the offering of the South East. Join us at Tech Summit 2018 and help promote ICT in the region.

Are You Interested In Tech Summit 2018?