Tech Summit 2017 was a huge success with over 1000 students from schools in Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Carlow and Wicklow visiting WIT Arena. This year is going to be even bigger and better with a huge range of tech companies and workers from the South East joining us for one simple goal, promoting the Tech industry in the region. So here’s what you can expect from Tech Summit 2018…

1. Great Careers Right Here In The South East

Tech Summit 2018 will have over 100 tech companies from the region on display ranging from large multi-nationals to start-ups. You can learn about all of these companies and the types of careers they offer. There are currently over 220 tech jobs on offer in the region and there are more jobs on the way. If you choose computing in college you will graduate into an industry huge potential and fantastic career opportunities without having to leave the region.

2. Earn Up To €40,000 Straight Out Of College

Almost every student who’s completed their course in WIT has been offered a job in the tech industry. In fact, there isn’t enough graduates to take up all of the jobs that are available. Furthermore, the average graduate wage is around €25,000. If you’re at the top of your class and have the right attitude and skill set you could earn €40,000. Some WIT graduates can even earn up to €100,000 a year within 15 years of graduating if they’re good enough.

3. Work With Global Companies

The South East has many multi-national companies like Red Hat, Routematch, Agora and Stitcherads who have bases dotted around the world. Graduates and staff often travel around the world for meetings, projects and conferences. Once you’re in the door, you could even have the opportunity to move to the US, Europe, Asia or Australia with one of these great companies. The skills and experience you get from working with tech companies in the region are transferable to many jobs and industries here in Ireland, and all over the world.

4. Find Out About the Different Tech jobs

You can find out what web developers, programmers, data engineers and scrum masters really do every day. We guarantee it’s not at all as complicated or boring as you might think. You can hear from the people doing these jobs and how you can have a rewarding, challenging career, right here in the South East.

5. Hear From Industry Experts

You can learn about new technologies from experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Connected Health and FinTech. There’s going to be huge demand for tech workers in these areas in the next 5 years. If you choose a computer course in college, you could be working in one of these great new areas

6. Work Somewhere That (Really) Values Culture

Sure, there are the tangible perks: Many tech companies offer free food, massages, paid volunteer time, company retreats, casual dress codes, and on-site espresso. And while that’s all great, a company that really cares about culture goes deeper than perks, it has a pervasive attitude that making the office a good place for employees matters. Tech companies make employee happiness a priority more often and in more ways than almost all other industries.

7. Finally, It’s One Of The Happiest Industries

When it comes to job satisfaction, tech has got you covered. Not only do 1 in 12 candidates choose it as their preferred sector, 87% of those currently working in tech actually enjoy their work. And with varied day-to-day duties, and the the opportunity to freelance or work flexibly in many tech positions (which is consistently voted as one of the most desirable company perks) – it comes as no surprise.

Are You Interested In Tech Summit 2018?

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