We’re building on the enormous success of last year’s summit which had 70 companies on display and 1,500+ people in attend. If you wern’t one of the lucky ones there last year, you might be wondering what it’s all about?! Here’s our list of reasons why Third Level Students should come to Tech Summit 2018…

1. It’s Free

Yes you read right, this event is free, all you have to do is register here. You might be wondering why it’s free? Crystal Valley Tech is an industry led group, our mission is to influence the development of the national and regional investment in infrastructure, education, training and economic support. This event is a showcase of all of the great companies in the South East. We also want to tell you all about the fantastic opportnuities and quality of life the region has to offer.

2. Great Careers Right Here In The South East

Tech Summit 2018 will have over 100 tech companies from the region on display ranging from large multi-nationals to start-ups. You can learn about all of these companies and the types of careers they offer. There are currently over 220 tech jobs on offer in the region and there are more jobs on the way. If you’re interested in a career in ICT you’re going into an industry with fantastic career opportunities right here in the region.

3. Get To Know The Companies

Many students who connect with companies during college go on to get great jobs in them straight out of college. You can discuss internship and work experience opportunities at Tech Summit 2018 with over 100 companies. You may even end up working with them on your third or forth year projects as many students have done.

4. Meet The Founders

If you are studying ICT, you may choose to live and work in the South East. The Tech Summit provides you with an amazing opportunity to talk directly to the CEOs and Founders who will be present on the day. Hear their stories and understand exactly what their company does. Hear if they are hiring and what their hiring process is. Get a head start on other candidates!

5. Earn Up To €40,000 Straight Out Of College

Almost every student who’s completed their course in WIT has been offered a job in the tech industry. In fact, there isn’t enough graduates to take up all of the jobs that are available. Furthermore, the average graduate wage is around €25,000. If you’re at the top of your class and have the right attitude and skill set you could earn €40,000. Some WIT graduates can even earn up to €100,000 a year within 15 years of graduating if they’re good enough.

6. Entrepreneurs

If you have a business idea and want to set up your own company, what a great place to start talking to the people who have done this already very successfully. ICT Founders and Leaders are very open about their journeys and their wins and fails along the way.

7. Skills

By talking to the various ICT companies, you can find out what type of ICT skills are important to them, what positions they generally hire for eg. Software Engineers, Project Managers, Program Managers, Quality Assurance Roles etc. You can also find out about the “soft skills” these companies are looking for. Understand the various Company Cultures – Do they invest in further staff training? Will you get to travel? What are their values? It is a great opportunity for you to interview the companies!

8. Work With Global Companies

The South East has many multi-national companies who have bases dotted around the world. These include Red Hat, Routematch, Agora, Stitcherads and many more. Graduates often travel around the world for meetings, projects and conferences. Once you’re in the door, you could even have the opportunity to move to the US, Europe, Asia or Australia with one of these great companies. The skills and experience you get from working with tech companies in the region are transferable to many jobs and industries here in Ireland, and all over the world.

Get some contacts and stay in touch with the companies that interest you.

Are You Interested In Tech Summit 2018?