Bernard Butler

Bernard Butler is a postdoctoral researcher (Research Fellow) in the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT). His postgraduate qualifications are in Applied Maths, Computer Science, and Management. Currently, his research focuses on infrastructures, services (and their management) supporting recent innovations in transport (such as driver assistance, collaborative sensing and road traffic prediction). All of these require significant advances in how data is collected, managed and used for the good of business and society.

He has had several roles, from
* Research Scientist at the internationally renowned NPL Data Science research group in the UK, to
* Senior Consultant assigned to leading Irish and international companies such as Vodafone, EBS, Aviva and Tesco to help build their data, reporting and machine learning infrastructures, to
* his current role in WIT/TSSG. Indeed, earlier in 2018, he devised and co-delivered the first Data Mining module in WIT, which is offered to taught MSc students, most of whom are part-time and keen to apply what they have learnt in that module to their workplaces.

The theme throughout his career has been a passion for data analysis and interpretation and, more recently, for issues of Trust, Security and Privacy of Big Data.