MIT Education Solutions

MIT Education Solutions provide secure, user-friendly school payment solutions for parents and students. Our online platform allows parents to make anytime, anywhere payments from any device, making it easier for them to pay school fees and trips in real-time. 

 Our mission is to create 21st Century EdTech solutions that enhance the ways in which parents & students can interact with their schools.  

“By providing parents with an online, easy to use payment platform, MIT are changing the way parents and schools interact.Previously parents have had to travel to the school to make payments using cash or cheques; now with the MIT school Payment Solution parents can pay online anywhere, anytime, using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone”. -Seamus Morris, Managing Director.


Contact Details:

Phone: 051 834 151 OR 051 834 153



Address: ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre, Carriganore, Waterford.