Surfbox Profile

Established in 2004, Print Copy and GO a SurfBox Company is an automated self-service printing/copying/scanning and internet provider that operates across the UK and Ireland, serving the shopping centre, airport and public library sectors. The company is continuously evolving to meet changing digital trends and consumer demands. Along with the innovative technologies we employ, we have a strong knowledge of the industries within we operate and provide a service that effectively aims to reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver a high-quality customer experience.

“With the increased ownership of smartphones/tablets means that consumers are less likely to have a desktop printer at home – but the need for printing documents like payslips, CVs and boarding passes has not diminished, causing an increased demand for public pay-as-you-go printing.” -Thomas Marry, Managing Director


Contact Details:

Phone: 086 220 8008



Address: Unit 2, Thomastown Business Park, Thomastown, Kilkenny