UPMC Profile

UPMC Whitfield, previously known as Whitfield Clinic, is the largest private hospital in the South East. Located in Waterford, the facility provides outstanding care to patients for routine surgical ailments, as well as more complex and challenging medical conditions. Established in 2006, UPMC Whitfield provides diagnostic imaging, physiotherapy, radiotherapy and elective surgery to both public and private patients.

UPMC Whitfield has over 50 expert consultants working across a range of specialties including Cardiology; Orthopaedics; Ophthalmology; Oncology/Haematology, Radiology, Ear, Nose and Throat; Gynaecology; Urology and General Surgery. Our team consists of 180 dedicated medical, nursing and administration staff to ensure the 70-bed hospital offers patients the right care, in the right way, at the right time – in a first-class facility that is close to home.

Contact Details:

Email: info@whitfieldclinic.ie

Phone: (051) 337 444

Address:Cork Rd, Butlerstown North, Waterford