Veri Profile

Veri streamlines and digitises the nightmare that is training compliance records. Currently, on construction sites, hospitals and skills-based businesses, training requires a paper trail for historic and on-the-job training that is often chaotic but mandatory for regulatory audit evidence.Veri replaces spreadsheets and paper forms. Its modularformat ensures training delivery can be bench-marked totrack quality, milestones, skills, feedback & outcomes in realtime via a simple mobile app that can be customised to thecompany’s internal training or external sub-contractor. Thisdata is viewable in custom reports or as an aggregate indata analytics to remediate problems quicker and ensure abetter return on training investment.

“The availability of experienced tech personnel in the South East makes it a natural choice to locate a business. Add quality tech companies and their willingness to engage and collaborate with other local companies means there is a bright future ahead for theCrystal Valley region.”
-Shane Barron CTO


Contact Details:

Phone: 01 9060969



Address: Kilkenny Research & Innovation Centre, Burrell’s Hall, St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny